Tiger King Bathing Suit
Tiger King Stretch Trunks - 5" Inseam
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Tiger King Stretch Trunks - 5" Inseam

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Some call it cheetah...a leopard...probably not a tiger but it's an electric big cat who cares!

We took everyone's favorite swim trunk and made it shorter, and stretchier. These 5" shorts are for this spring's Stay-at-Home workout warriors...time for those squats to pay off and for you to show off. Even more stretch means even more comfort and range- these trunks can handle whatever you throw at them.

  • Stretch, sustainability, stretch, and more stretch.
  • Our Privacy Screen replaces the itchy, sandy mesh of yesteryear and helps provide that naked feeling without oversharing at the beach.
  • DWR quick drying fabric
  • 5" inseam for the brave and bold
  • Drawstring elastic waist
  • Recycled coconut shell button on back pocket

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