Our Story

     Blake and I met at Connecticut College and from day one knew we wanted to create something that had an impact. Myoli Bay was inspired by our time abroad in Cape Town and born back in Cape Cod to help raise awareness for organizations we care deeply about, particularly ocean conservation and protection. We want Myoli Bay to be a platform to give back, so our promise is 15% of our profits will always be donated to causes near to our hearts.

     Myoli Bay creates products using recycled plastic bottles to not only help protect our planet, but also to erase the stigma that sustainability in clothing means rigid, uncomfortable fabrics. Our swim trunks are tailored to perfection, offering a product that fits you well without sacrificing any comfort. After years of cutting swimsuit liners down in half to avoid chafing, we designed a suit that has a front screen to provide protection from accidental nudity and eliminate any concerns of chafing or immobility.

     Our products are built to last and will take your adventures to the next level. We hope you enjoy endless pina coladas in our products, but don’t forget to skip the straw! 

 - Joey