Our Story

Blake and I met at Connecticut College and from the day we met knew we wanted to do something different. We weren't destined for the cube but a few years after graduation found ourselves trapped in an office just as we promised not to be. We needed an escape, and we looked back to the roots of our friendship to find it. 

    We both studied abroad in South Africa, and we know, everyone says their time abroad was life changing, BUT IT REALLY WAS FOR US. The culture, diversity, landscape...I could go on for hours about Cape Town but what really stood out was the city, planted in between of crystal clear oceans and the most incredible mountains, and more importantly its citizens who soaked every second of it in. In South Africa we met endless amounts of people who were obsessed with adventure, fitness and appreciating their environment to the fullest and that was eye opening to us. Rather than rolling over after hitting snooze a few times, people were running to the top of Lion's Head in time for the sun rising above the city. 

    Back in the real world graduation approaching lead to business plans for wedding apps, food trucks, and something Blake told me was called "The internet of things" (that I apparently use everyday now) anything that would save us from the cube. Of course, the cube is where we landed and we needed an out. 

      We threw our love of adventure, fitness, nature and fashion into the business machine and out came Myoli Bay. Swim Trunks made from Recycled Plastic that feel like they're made from waterproof velvet instead. After 2+ years of learning the retail world from Boston's best, we've dialed in the perfect fit and feel for all your adventures this summer from Cape Cod to Cape Town and everywhere in between.

    We're just getting started, and we hope you join us for the adventure.  #WEARTRASH