2020 New England Holiday Gift Guide

2020 New England Holiday Gift Guide


We love to find the next up-and-coming brands to rep… those hidden gems that make great products and have a character you don’t find in the big store brands out there.  Even better when they’re locally based in New England.  If you’re like us, then you believe that those brands make the best gifts.  The companies that have a personal story to go along with the great product when it’s unwrapped.  So we’ve done the leg work for you by putting together a holiday gift guide with shopping ideas from some of our favorite local Massachusetts and New England brands.  




SOLO is designed in New England, made in America, menswear for the modern golfer.   SOLO is a golf-centric clothing brand based out of the south shore of Boston, Massachusetts.  They are replacing the old styles expected on the golf course with younger, more modern fits.  SOLO is reminding us that respect for the game and our unique personal styles don’t need to be mutually exclusive.  Any guy on your holiday shopping list is bound to love the refreshing spin on a classic look found with the banded collar golf shirt pictured above. 

Cape Clasp

Cape Clasp is a Cape Cod, Massachusetts based brand that sells unisex bracelets, each aligned with a different marine life organization to which it donates 15% of the profits.  Since inception in 2013, Cape Clasp has donated over $100,000 to organizations locally as well as beyond the New England area, such as Bimini Shark Lab in the Bahamas and the Nakawe Project in Mexico.  Not only is this the perfect gift idea for everyone on your holiday shopping list, but Cape Clasp is also a great follow on Instagram where you can stay tuned with all their coastal adventures.  


Darwin Clothing

Darwin Clothing is a local New England brand based out of Boston, Massachusetts.  They have set out to rethink the men’s shirt fit to better align with the natural shape and function of the male body. Darwin shirts have a tailored fit by the waistline for that clean untucked look, while maintaining comfort and movement through the shoulders.  Beyond fit, a couple cool features that stand out are the unique stitching through the armpit and the hidden button down collar.  This shirt is the perfect gift idea for that person on your holiday shopping list looking to spice up their virtual work attire this winter.



Thirty Miles Out Ack

30 miles...that’s the distance from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the picturesque ocean island of Nantucket.  Thirty Miles Out is the right-hand claw of Nantucket (take a closer look at that logo…) embodying a place where family and friends come for loud nights (over a cocktail or five) and sun-drenched days.  This Thirty Miles Out sweatshirt is a great gift idea for the Nantucket enthusiast on your holiday shopping list to carry a bit of the island through the cold days of winter.  


Bully Boy Distillers

As kids growing up on a working farm just south of Boston, Massachusetts, Dave and his brother Will made cider from apples that grew on the property. It wasn't long before an appreciation for cider led to an appreciation for hard cider. That led to experimentation with apple brandy, which they crafted using a small one-gallon still.

New England has a long and storied history of rum production dating back to the 1600s. Check out the Bully Boy website for more on their beginnings and local distillery history.  The rum enthusiast on your holiday shopping list will love this local New England distillery.  


Nantucket Candle Company

Nantucket Candle Co carries on the whaling town tradition of candle making (minus the whale components) with scents that make you feel “on island” even when you’re not.  To ensure the island remains protected for years to come, a portion of the proceeds from each candle sold are donated to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. This is a great gift idea for your holiday shopping list to to bring a little island nostalgia back to the mainland this winter.


Vermont Glove

Founded in 1906, Vermont Glove carries on an enduring legacy of high quality glove craftsmanship. Each pair is hand-stitched in Randolph, Vermont. Made of 100% goat leather, their mits are perfect for daily wear; equally at home operating heavy machinery, weeding the roses, and cracking a cold one after a long day of kicking ass. Vermont Glove is committed to quality and functional products while advocating for environmental, social, and economic causes.  These gloves are uniquely both “cool” and functional, with a brand character you won’t find in most top-of-mind national brands.  Check out their versatile work gloves or add a pair of the newly released Ski gloves pictured above for that winter outdoorsman on your holiday shopping list.


Willie's Superbrew

What do you get when a local surfer and an eclectic goat farmer meet over a game of beach volleyball? Apparently an excellent hard seltzer.  What started as an award winning ginger home-brew has turned into what can now be described as a cross between hard seltzer, cider, and even kombucha.  Willie's Superbrew is a unique take on the popular hard seltzer trend made with real fruit instead of artificial flavors, with all the ingredients printed right on every can.  Whats more is that this local New England brand is committed to donating 3% of their profits to an environmental non-profit organization nominated and voted each year by customers.  This is a holiday gift idea that likely won't survive far beyond bunch (for those over-21 members of your holiday shopping list of course).


Sara Campbell

We didn't forget about that lady on your shopping list.  Head over to Sara Campbell for great "Made in the USA" women's apparel from this local Boston, Massachusetts brand.  Sara Campbell puts an emphasis on quality by overseeing end-to-end production of apparel from design to manufacturing all locally.  Further supporting their mission to contribute to their community, Sara Campbell stores frequently host give-back events that support charitable organizations both locally and nationally.


Myoli Bay

Myoli Bay is a picturesque beach framed by beautiful cliffs located a few hours east of Cape Town, South Africa.  Bringing that inspiration back to Massachusetts, the founders of Myoli Bay created a Men's Swimwear brand that embodies the playful spirit of both Cape Town and the local headquarters of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Removing the itchy inner netting found in most men's swim trunks, Myoli Bay offers all day comfort from beach to cabana bar (and back).  And the icing on the cake is that they're made from sustainable materials and 15% of your purchase will be donated to ocean and beach cleanup initiatives.  Don't let your friends and family go into their tropical vacation this winter with the same swim trunks they wore all summer.